Eco-Farming Solutions

Our Solutions regenerate ecosystems, increase biodiversity, increase land value, foster green economies, and respect cultural diversity.

Vertical Organic Farming

Soil based vertical indoor farming, terraponic and vertical gardens.

Home Based Production

Design and installation of customized indoor systems for organic food production.

Optimal Greenhouse Design

Geodesic, Bioclimatic Greenhouses and layout.

Indoor Organic Growing Programs

Our controlled indoor systems are optimally designed for the highest volume and quality in food production.

Water collection and Recycling

Whole System approach and design.


After centuries of relatively stable weather patterns and cycles, farming has flourished and expanded almost everywhere on the planet.

However, we are now facing an important shift of those patterns. Weather has become more unpredictable.  Droughts, floods, heat and storms are affecting our food system. Snow stays longer in some areas, late or early frost, and more…!

This means that our well organized and linear food chain will be put at risk of disruption with serious consequences. The way we grow our food has to change. Indoor Vertical Organic Farming is part of the solution.
The Greenmaker designs local sustainable systems and innovative solutions for farmers and individuals to ensure food sovereignty of any community, bio-region or country. The Greenmaker LLC is officially registered in Switzerland and North Carolina, USA


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